Cave Diving

The Taina cave system, also known as La Sirena, is located on private property in a garden full of mango and citrus trees. This unique cave system offers crystal clear fresh water but also has some salt water content forming a halocline in the deeper part of the system.

On arrival we take an easy walk down a spiral staircase to the entry point for the dives and prepare our equipment. Our cylinders are taken down by a porter so there is no heavy lifting involved. The first dive, in a long tunnel-like cave lasts for around an hour with a significant part of the time spendin air spaces on the surface inside the cave. Here the roofs and walls are covered in sparkling crystals and fantastic limestone formations consisting of thousands stalagtites and stalagmites. The maximum depth for this dive is only 10 meters.

After a short surface interval we start our second dive where we visit a large chamber in the cave which has just as interesting stalagtite formations. But the real highlight here is the pronounced halocline & thermocline – the visual effect of these seperated layers are a truely unique experience that every diver should experience at least once. Take care when you rise above the halocline and look down – you may think you are back on the surface looking at the water below you! Our second dive lasts for about 40 minutes with a maximum depth of 18 meters. Following the dives we have a light lunch, either in the garden or in a dry cave system found elsewhere in the garden.

SAFETY NOTE: Diving in the Taina cave system can be hazardous. We do not require participants to have full cave diver certification but for the safety of all participants a minimum qualification level of PADI Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) or suitable verifiable experience in diving is required (as proven by log book entries). For all participants a local dive with Treasure Divers is required prior to visiting the caves to ensure an adequate level of buoyancy control and basic diving skills.

Diving schedule:
Departures are available every day to the Taina Cave subject to a minimum of two divers per booking. Arrive at the centre by 09:00 to prepare equipment. Transport departs at 09:30 for the 30 minute journey to the Taina Cave. We return to the centre at approximately 14:00.