Local Diving

Boca Chica Bay sports 20 varied dive sites for every taste with depths ranging from very shallow to over 40 metres. We have installed permanent mooring buoys on many dive sites to protect the reefs. As we usually have little or no current both at the surface and underwater we conduct most dives as moored dives, although if necessary we can offer drift dives as well. All our dives are guided dives conducted as no-decompression dives and led by our fully qualified and insured PADI Divemasters and Instructors.
Marine Life
The marine life is diverse in Boca Chica Bay with many different types of reef fish, coral and some of the most spectaclular & large sponges you’ll find anywhere in the world. We do have occasional sightings of sleepy nurse sharks, playful eagle rays, turtles and dolphins.

On the reefs we often encounter southern and yellow stingrays, great barracuda, various types of moray and snake eels, lionfish and scorpionfish. For critter hunters our guides will look for octopus, reef squid, lobster and the elusive seahorses. Let us know what you are interested in and we’ll recommend the best dive spots for you.

The Catuan Wreck

The Catuan is a purpose-sunk 33m tugboat resting at 20m. Sunk in 2006 the wreck is well preserved and covered in interesting marine life. It houses a resident school of bluelined snappers and soldierfish feel all too comfortable in the gloomy inside of the wreck. We can dive it both as an easy introduction to wreck diving or as a full-on exploration dive for the more experienced.
Diving schedule
Our dive boat – the Ballenero III – departs two or three times daily to over 20 different dive sites, all reached within a 20 minutes boat ride.
Morning (double dive) – arrive at the centre by 08:30 to prepare equipment. The boat departs at 09:00 prompt and returns to the centre at approximately 12:30.
Afternoon (single dive) – arrive at the centre by 13:30 to prepare equipment. The boat departs at 14:00 prompt and returns to the centre at approximately 16:00. At busy times we will conduct a double dive in the afternoon with the boat returning to the centre at approximately 17:30.
Night (single dive) – departure time varies during the year and is advised at the time of booking, returning to the centre approximately two hours after departure.